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Welcome to BIASAP!

Over the last 10 years BIASAP delivered stable Business Intelligence solutions to multinational companies across the world. Pirelli, Nestle, Philips and Estee Lauder are some of the companies we proudly supported. Our value lies in understanding the clients needs and the delivery of tangible results that can be measured in quality.


BIASAP supports enterprise ERP users in getting the most out of their Business Intelligence.

Our services extend over three levels:

Strategic BI investment support

BIASAP has consulted many clients in the buying decisions of their BI tools.

BI Process design and redesign

Many of our customers are challenged by the implementation of a BI solution. We support them using:

  • Design of Data Flows and Data Modelling;
  • Reporting and Planning layers;
  • Dashboards.

A typical application where we deliver this know-how is in the processes of management and operational reporting.

Software tools

The BI user experience is often open for improvement. BIASAP can deliver and integrate various tools to improve upon this experience but also to enrich the BI data set. During implementation and roll-out we provide supporting tools to facilitate the process.