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Over the last 10 years BIASAP delivered stable Business Intelligence solutions to multinational companies across the world. Pirelli, Nestle, Philips and Estee Lauder are some of the companies we proudly supported. Our value lies in understanding the clients needs and the delivery of tangible results that can be measured in quality.

Euro Crisis impacting market for strategic investment decision software

After the crisis of 2009 and the failure of different US banks and the nationalizations of various others the Stock and Obligation markets changed dramatically.

Since 2010 there is a huge debate around the collapse of the Euro area and the necessary actions that Europe, as a whole and as separate countries, should take to avoid the break-up of the Union.

In this scenario several options are on the table and different institutions already have plan B ready to react to the different possible impacts provoked by the shocks and escape from the Euro zone.

The instability of the European market and currency speculation reduced the possibilities of investors to clearly understand how to prevent loss, not only on stock values but also in the currency area.
Volatility seems to be owning the current market scenarios and institutions are struggling to get advantages for the internal and external stakeholders.
All the analysts seem to recommend to leave the Europe funds and invest in other markets to avoid the shocks.
Could this be an opportunity, or are we actually accelerating the collapse of Europe?
Germany appears to be the only foothold stable enough for economic strategists to follow and execute upon.
But what will happen if France, Spain and Italy are loosing the power to buy German products?

Political decisions are currently heavily influencing the market volatility and the believe of certain analysts is that some banks in Europe are still solid.
For all these reasons companies and institutions should adapt a mechanism to proactive understand investment flows and the trends. Managers need, more than ever before, to deliver the right decisions for increasing shareholder value and must avoid toxic stocks and obligations in their portfolio.

Many companies are providing software and Business Intelligence solutions for this challenge, but only few are able to deliver a successful experience and predict trends.
BIASAP has partnered with the major investment software solution providers to deliver on that promise.